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Q: Will insurance cover the laser venous ablation procedure?

A: Carriers will cover the laser venous ablation procedure only when medically necessary. Patients must demonstrate symptomatic venous reflux disease, patients must have ultrasound evidence of saphenous vein reflux that meet certain criteria, and patients must have satisfied trials of conservative management by support stockings and other health improvement efforts.

Q: If I have symptoms of venous reflux disease, are there any other criteria that must be satisfied before I can get coverage?

A: Most carriers require a period (3-6 months) of conservative therapy (compression, elevation of legs, possibly weight loss) before providing coverage for the VenaCure EVLT procedure.

Q: What should I do if the claim is denied?

A: We are your advocate and we will contact the claims department and request an explanation. All insurance carriers and payers have an appeals process. If your insurance does not cover a procedure which we deem to be helpful we are committed to working with you in a cost effective manner.